Blackhawk Presbytery
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Supporting Thriving Faith Communities in Northern Illinois
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Blackhawk Presbytery
1922 N. IL Rte. 2
P.O. Box 199
Oregon, IL 61061



Networks & Partnerships

One of the ways that Blackhawk Presbytery seeks to support its thriving faith communities is through the grass roots development of networks and partnerships of Presbyterians. These are groups of individuals and/or congregations that share a similar interest and want to engage with others in a connectional way. Recognized networks and partnerships are listed in Presbytery directories and the website. They may exhibit at Presbytery meetings and have access to the floor of the Presbytery through the Mission Strategies & Resources Board. 
Interested in forming a recognized network or partnership?  Contact the Presbytery office and we will direct your request.

Recognized Networks and Partnerships