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Friday, June 05, 2020
Supporting Thriving Faith Communities in Northern Illinois
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Blackhawk Presbytery
1922 N. IL Rte. 2
P.O. Box 199
Oregon, IL 61061



COVID-19 Information


  • Use the Presbytery list of Remote Worship Options to experience worship on Tuesday...Thursday...Friday...
  • Share a brief video of congregation members' 'selfies' - perhaps around a theme (see Pentecost selfies - RCLPC)
  • Pre-record a special worship message for children so parents can share at the most opportune time (Geneva and Elgin)
  • Communicate regularly with your congregation (and potential visitors) via a updated COVID specific letter on your website (Joliet First)
  • Involve the whole church in a mission project (Kankakee gathered money to purchase tubes of lotion for all the staff of their two local hospitals - 700 in all! Stickers will be added before they are delivered with church name and a message of gratitude.)
  • Reports are coming in on "Parking Lot Worship" using inexpensive broadcast equipment (email us for those contacts) 
  • Don't forget to alert your local paper of your community outreach efforts - they are looking for positive stories to report!
  • Need help with technology in the church? Check your local Tech/Trade school or Community College - investigate an unpaid internship.
  • Share a Monday morning email with prayer requests (Elgin)
  • Do 'drive-by' visits to members while video-taping their greetings from a safe distance (*unprofessionally combined with a simple movie app) (see Fulton's)
  • Standing outside a nursing home window with a smile, encouragement or flowers and this week's bulletin/newsletter
  • Engage your youth in helping with technology ideas and plans* 
  • Gather the information about "Senior Hours" at your local grocery stores and pharmacies - share! (from Elgin First)
  • Ask church members to report "What have you been doing during quarantine?" - share via mailed newsletter & online too (from Kankakee First)
  • Churches are strongly encouraged to initiate an online giving arrangement. Some suggestions for convincing the skeptical:
- Suggest a 60 day trial and then reassess
- Find someone (pastor or leader) willing to pay the fees for the first year (from Joliet Westminster)
- If you use the Pres. Foundation, they use the administrative fees they collect to fund mission
  • Need to have a session meeting, but not everyone is computer savvy? Try a conference call (Presbytery uses People just call a number from their phone, enter a simple access code and join the call.
  • Would you like to transcribe your recorded Zoom meeting? Try For a machine-produced (passable) transcript, the cost is $2.25.
  • Please submit your ideas to


(Latest added at the top) 

Blackhawk Presbytery COVID-19 Response Task Force:

Nancy Dolan (Executive Bridge Presbyter)

Eric Heinekamp (Stated Clerk)

Chuck Johnson (Presbytery Moderator)

Catherine Martin (COM Moderator)

Barb D’Souza (Rockford Westminster, Commissioned Pastor)

Ron Barkby (Elgin First, Elder)