Blackhawk Presbytery
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Supporting Thriving Faith Communities in Northern Illinois
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Blackhawk Presbytery
1922 N. IL Rte. 2
P.O. Box 476
Oregon, IL 61061
779.771.2088 (general inquires)
779.771.1896 (Transformational General Presbyter / Stated Clerk)



Educational Opportunities

Transitional Ministry Education (Interim Pastor Training)

The Synods of of Lincoln Trails and Mid-America (MALT) have joined together to provide interim training every spring and fall to pastors nationwide. Transitional Ministry Education is intended for those presently engaged in interim ministry and those inquiring about this ministry. Committee on Ministry members and presbytery staff persons with responsibility for congregations in transition will also find the training helpful.  To find out more information and the next interim pastor training, visit the Synod website.


Transitional Executive Education

The Synods of Mid-America and Lincoln Trails (MALT) have joined together to provide transitional executive education every fall. For information about upcoming training, visit the Synod Website.

Transitional Executive Education is reserved for those:

  • Who are already in an interim executive/general/associate presbyter or synod position.
  • Who are scheduled to begin an interim executive/general/associate presbyter or synod position.
  • Who are serving or who have served as an executive/general/associate presbyter or synod executive/associate with references from two other governing body peers.
  • Who have been recommended by their governing body as having particular gifts for interim executive/general/associate presbyter or synod work with a recommendation from their Committee on Ministry and their immediate executive/general presbyter or synod executive/associate.