Blackhawk Presbytery
Thursday, July 09, 2020
Supporting Thriving Faith Communities in Northern Illinois
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Blackhawk Presbytery
1922 N. IL Rte. 2
P.O. Box 199
Oregon, IL 61061



Mission Trips

Presbyterians have a long history of responding to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and many other natural disasters with their time and talents. When Blackhawk groups organize work trips, the Presbytery has often helped provide support. Currently, modest funds are available to assist planning response efforts to local disasters. 

In addition, many of our churches send members to help with a variety of mission trips/projects.  If you are willing to include members of other churches, the Mission Committee would like to encourage you to do so. Since many of our congregations are small in size, joining a larger group is often their only option and much appreciated. It is an opportunity for outreach and fellowship while helping others. Please send your trip information to the Presbytery office ( or call 815-732-6111) and we will work with you to help publicize the information and reach out to others in the Presbytery.