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Monday, August 31, 2015
Supporting Thriving Faith Communities in Northern Illinois
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Blackhawk Presbytery
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Stronghold Camp & Retreat Center

Synod of Lincoln Trails

Presbyterian Church (USA)

The per capita assessment for 2015 is $35.61
(GA-$7.07; Synod-$3.81; Blackhawk
Presbytery $24.73)
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Our Vision

Grounded in the biblical image for human community, as disciples of Jesus, 
following His witness and command for His church,
guided by the principles of trust, open communication, and genuine relationships, 
we will challenge and support our congregations to be thriving faith communities by 
     providing competent pastoral leadership,
     resourcing to energize ministry, and
     developing networks and partnerships of Presbyterians.


Fourteen Helped in


A group of volunteers recently came together for a workday to help tornado victims in Fairdale, IL.


Pictured above (L>R) are Judy Robertson, Forrest Miller, Stefanie Miller, Jim Davidson, Kathy Davidson, Scott Parkhurst, Kathy Mozingo and Irv Collins. They along with Linda Dean, Deb Braun and Ken Mozingo were the volunteers from Oswego Presbyterian Church. They were joined in Fairdale by Patrick Steva from Middle Creek Presbyterian Church and Chuck Huss and Rev. Susan Presley from First Presbyterian Church of Mendota.


The group worked with Regina Smola of Operation Rebuild in Fairdale. Regina said “There is still a lot of rebuilding ahead for residents of Fairdale, many of whom lost loved ones as well as their homes when that deadly tornado struck in April.”   

Linda, Deb, Judy, Kathy and Jim helped clear out unusable home furnishings in preparation for refurbishing a home.

Scott, Irv and Chuck brought their chainsaws and helped cut and remove downed trees on another property. Others helped a man clear his property of tall weeds and remains of his completely demolished home. He lost his wife in the tornado and was seriously injured himself.

“You just don’t appreciate the damage done until you are standing there and realize there used to be a bunch of  homes here where now there is nothing other than that twisted off tree” said Forrest Miller.

Kathy Mozingo was pleased that she could spend some time with a couple of residents that dropped by to talk. “It is very humbling to hear their stories of that traumatic event. I was impressed with their community spirit and compassion for neighbors with even greater losses and hardships than their own.”

Please continue prayers for those in Fairdale who are just getting started on the rebuilding of their homes. Another workday is planned for October 3 in Fairdale. Contact Ken Mozingo by email or tel. 630-553-5725 if you are interested.